Showcasing Talent

Hold an art/hobby exhibition. Ask all the environmental services staff in your facility to submit drawings, photographs, needlework, or other arts and crafts. Display the items in the lobby, in a community room, or another public place. Give an “Environmental Services: The Team You Can Count On” Recycled Shoppers Tote and Junior Padfolio to each employee who has contributed. Honor these exhibitors at a cookies-and-punch reception.

Timed Test

Add a new game in your lineup for National Healthcare Housekeeping Week called, “Can You Find 10 Things Wrong With This Room?” Purposely set up one of your patient rooms incorrectly. Then test each housekeeper individually. Time him or her, seeing how long it takes to find the errors. Reward the people with the best times by giving them Housekeeping Gift Bags Of Appreciation. Hand out Spinning Star Key Tags to thank everyone who played.

Pat On The Back

Since you can’t be everywhere all at once, sometimes your employees witness good deeds when you’re not right there. During your recognition week, set out baskets of “Our Success Is Because Of You” and “Going Beyond Expectations” Lapel Pins. Encourage your staff to use the pins to reward co-workers for doing an excellent job. Remind them to include your facility’s laundry and maintenance team members.

Gentle Reminder

Give your staff members a gift that gets them thinking about how much their contributions matter. Distribute “Teamwork Makes The Impossible Possible” Retractable I.D. Badge Holders to everyone. Then establish weekly prize drawings for the entire year until the next National Healthcare Environmental Services Week. On a randomly chosen day each week, fill a bowl with the names of people who are wearing their badge holders. Draw a name and give out a prize, such as a “Environmental Services: The Team You Can Count On” Verve Lunch Bag.

Workers That Rock

Express to your housekeepers how well they’re doing by holding a rockin’ National Healthcare Housekeeping Week. Divide the staff into teams. Ask each team to pick a rock band name. Start the festivities by passing out “Housekeeping Rocks” Mini Carryalls to all team members. Throughout the week, have the teams compete in games, such as charades, Pictionary, and hangman. Award points to each game’s winning team. At the end of the week, tally the points and present “Housekeeping Rocks” Stainless Steel Tumblers to the members of the team with the best overall score.

Winning Ways

Every employee can be a winner if you create customized award categories. Pick the Most Dependable, Hardest Working, Most Helpful, and Least Likely To Call In Sick, or other traits that fit your laundry staff members. Just make sure you don’t leave anyone out. Announce the winners at an event held in the style of awards shows. Have department heads present the awards. As each employee gives a short acceptance speech, reward him or her with a handsome “Laundry Staff: Fresh & Clean Is Our Theme” Red Pearlescent Water Bottle or Venture Reversible Tote Bag.

Get Them Guessing

Let employees guess “who’s who” in photos of the backs of their coworkers’ heads. Recruit a volunteer to take the pictures. For the staff member with the most correct answers, have an Environmental Services Compact Umbrella. It will help keep his or her head dry and in “picture perfect” condition. Give all participants Comfort Grip Pens with the slogan “Housekeeping: Making The Ordinary Extraordinary.”

Bright Housekepping Ideas

Employees who feel they are involved in how their workplace is run are more dedicated to its success. Ask your housekeepers for suggestions on how to improve your facility. Create forms that suggestions can be written on, and set up a suggestions box to put them in. Make sure suggestion contributors write their names on the forms so you can reward them. Give a “Housekeeping: Together We Make The Ordinary Extraordinary” Key Ring With LED Flashlight to each person who submits a serious suggestion. Present a Housekeeping Gift-Boxed Mini Candle to everyone whose idea gets implemented.

Fact Or Fiction?

“Two Truths And A Lie” has become a popular game for recognition weeks. In this activity, employees turn in three statements about themselves. Two of the statements are true; one is made up. Everyone tries to pick out the untrue statement about each person. Organize this game for your maintenance staff by printing up the submissions and distributing them. Present a “Property Of Maintenance Department” Deluxe Duffle Bag and “Maintenance Staff: Keeping Things In Working Order” 4-In-1 Multi-Function Tool to your employee who identifies the highest number of false statements.

60 Minutes Of Enviromental Services Fame

Give members of your environmental services staff the focused attention they deserve. Celebrate a staff member each day or hour by declaring “Beth Jones Day (Hour).” Announce the staff member’s name on the P.A. system and provide some information or a story about the person’s background and personality. Present the staff member with an item from the Environmental Services Gift-A-Day Package.